Free 3 Song Performance from CES 2014

Earlier this year Javier opened for Fleetwood Mac at Monster’s 2014 CES Awards Party.  Sign up for the newsletter at the bottom of the site under NEWSLETTER and receive a free download of the performance.

32 thoughts on “Free 3 Song Performance from CES 2014

  1. Saw you with darius ant the nike fund raiser cady for a cure few yrs ago. Then saw you on the voice and told every one you would win it that night and next day..

    Love your music…
    Yeah more music…

  2. Hey Javier,

    I’ve been a huge fan since 2003, have met you a few times and have been to multiple shows. I’m so happy that you’ve signed a new contract and wish you nothing but the best.


  3. Have loved your music and your style ever since the Voice and still have your performances on my iPod. Loved your last album. Your positive attitude is a welcome breath of fresh air. Thank you!

  4. A huge advocate for your beautiful voice since your visit to UW-River Falls in 2009! Much love to you and your family, Javier!

  5. Been waiting so long for your new CD.I’m so happy you finally signed with a record company who
    sees your vision and will let you create the music you were born to make. I promise all of your yrue fans will continue to support you 100%.


  6. Love your voice and music! I saw you in concert in Jacksonville, Fl. It was absolutely the best concert that I’ve been to. My friend who didn’t watch the voice loved it so much as well. 🙂

  7. Music is the universal language of the world. It speaks to ones spirit and soul. Music that uplifts and motivates mankind has been hijacked.

    Thank you for staying true!

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