Thanksgiving SEA v. SF National Anthem GoPro

5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving SEA v. SF National Anthem GoPro

  1. Loved the anthem. Love the GoPro attached. Love the Niners! Thank you Javier. Great job on the Voice, with your family, and your career.

  2. complete goosebumps and pride watching you sing our Anthem Jav! Especially loved that Mo and little man made a cameo!!! xoxoox to you all!

  3. I am totally speechless!!! There is not any words that can express Javier’s voice or his singing!
    I have been a ginormous fan of his and every time I hear his voice, I forget who I am, & where I am and I never want his songs and singing to end! You’re like a great book you can’t put down!

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