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“Javier Colon is an accomplished musician who channels the essence of pop, soul and rock with every note he shares. His sweet guitar strums draw listeners in, but his enchanting vocals are what truly touch the soul. As the winner of season one of ‘The Voice,’ Colon has reached his widest audience yet, and fans of his iconic sound will want to pick-up a copy of his upcoming album, Gravity, due to drop on April 15.”

“Colon hooks you with his voice and the first touch of a piano key in his new song ‘Never Know.’ The throwback to ’90s R&B with his heartfelt vocals and melodies makes this track off Gravity something special for any fan of the genre. It’s nostalgic, relatable, and certainly a song that his ever growing and dedicated fan base will appreciate…Colon’s songs come from his heart, with a desire to move people or make people feel something inside. He co-wrote all but three songs on Gravity, marking a creative milestone for himself and a turning point in his musical journey.”
“One could quibble as to whether Gravity is more pop than soul, but what makes it consistently work in both realms is Javier Colon's voice, still marvelously bright a dozen years after we first heard it…bringing both life and heart to a bunch of songs that could have sunk to simply pleasant with a lesser vocalist. It is impossible not to root for Colon's success. Highly Recommended.”
Soul Tracks
“…while Javier might have been the first winner of The Voice, he remains one of the most talented artists ever to have graced its stage. He's worked hard all along and kept turning out great music even if he wasn't making headlines. Now that he has a new album, a new tour and a new label, he can get back to where he deserved to be all along - in the spotlight.”
“Gifted with a soulful voice, songwriting talent to match, a charismatic personality and a commanding stage presence, Colon has already won over an international fan base that’s embraced his acoustic-textured blend of pop, rock and R&B…”
Newtown Bee (CT)